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5 Things You Didn’t Know About SSBBWs


If BBWs aren’t enough for you, then there’s an even more sizable option for you: SSBBWs.

An SSBBW is a super-sized big beautiful woman. Not only do these voluptuous beauties take curves to the next level, but they do it with all the sass which larger ladies are known for. Here’s five things about SSBBWs which you need to know:

You can be a SSBBW and still be healthy

It might sound absurd at first, but it’s true. You can be a super-sized woman and still be relatively healthy.

How? Well, excessive fat can be maintained providing the rest of the body can sustain it. For example, having 200lbs of weight on a person’s back all day is going to take its toll – if that person isn’t strong enough to carry it.

On the other hand, if the person has the muscle mass and bone strength in order to hold up 200lbs all day – then it’s totally manageable. Being a healthy SSBBW is about having a good balance of fat and muscle, as well as eating enough protein and nutrients to keep the body well nourished.

Most SSBBWs are in happy relationships

Super-sized big beautiful women are the logical extreme of the common BBW fetish. This means that, while most SSBBWs are happy to be excessively large, it is someone else who encouraged them to reach the size and weight they are.

A lot of partners of SSBBWs will continue to feed them until they can reach their biggest possible size, and most SSBBWs are okay with this. They’re happy if their partner is happy.

Single SSBBWs are in very high demand

If you’re a guy who’s heavily into the BBW scene, it can become something of an addiction. For example, anyone who’s into any fetish will know that you need a little more each time to reach the same high as before. In the case of BBWs, that means being with even larger girls.

So this means that, even when a BBW enthusiast is dating a large girl, it can be tempting to make them even larger. Some BBWs, however, are reluctant to do so, which is what makes single SSBBWs so appealing. They’re already super-sized.

Staying a SSBBW can be difficult

Contrary to what you might think, gaining a lot of weight and retaining it can be just as difficult as losing it.

The human body naturally burns off the most convenient energy source as we go about our daily lives, and that energy source is fat. People’s weights will fluctuate by several pounds a week because their everyday activity burns this off without them realizing.

However, SSBBW women can burn off lots of weight from just walking around the block a few times. Their bodies realize that they have a surplus of this energy source, so it doesn’t hesitate to make use of it. Therefore, sustaining their SSBBW status can be a constant fight between their bodies and additional calories.

SSBBWs are one of the most common fetishes in the US

While BBW fetishes are nothing new, SSBBWs have really made an impact the last few years. Usually, BBW fetishism hovers around the tenth most common fetish in western countries (and even higher in Asian countries!), and SSBBWs are usually much further out.

However, since around 2014, SSBBWs have been around the fifteenth most popular fetish in the western world, and continue to grow in popularity every year. It’s clear that a lot more guys are realizing the advantages that dating a bigger girl can bring!

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