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  • Strawberries Colorful Harvest strawberries...
    a sweet and nutritious treat
  • Year round strawberries Strawberries, a super food!
    Nutrient dense and delicious
  • Strawberries Available year round...
    from key growing regions coast to coast
  • Strawberries Colorful Harvest strawberries...
    grown with care, recognized for quality

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Amazing Colors and Flavors, Naturally!

Strawberry Recipes

Colorful Harvest Strawberries

Strawberries at Christmas? It wasn't always that way, but Colorful Harvest strawberries are available year round! Colorful Harvest follows the growing seasons from region to region thoughout the year to provide you with premium quality strawberries for every occasion.

And Colorful Harvest uses a strategy of matching strawberry varieties to the particular soils and climate of each region to insure the highest quality berries. That is how Colorful Harvest can produce luscious strawberries every day of the year.

Strawberry Nutrition Facts

Studies suggest that a diet rich in brightly colored fruits and vegetables can have important health benefits.

Strawberries are nutrient dense and low in sugar, only 8 grams per serving, and have only 50 calories per serving (serving size is approximately 1 cup or 8 medium strawberries). Strawberries provide important nutrients including vitamin C, folate, fiber and potassium. Vitamin C helps promote a healthy immune system, and potassium promotes good cardiovascular health. Folate is a B vitamin that also promotes a healthy heart.

Strawberries also contain important plant nutrients called polyphenols such as anthocyanins and many others. Eating foods with polyphenol antioxidants may help promote healthy brain function, strong bones, cardiovascular health, and a healthy immune system.

We encourage you to read more about this topic in our colorful nutrition knowledge base.